One word. Bohemian.

Yep, the favorite word to go by when putting together looks for any music festival this world has to offer. This easy breezy style aesthetic is perfect for music festivals for many reasons. It’s comfortable enough to swing and jive the whole day round and it’s chic! My god, is it chic! No wonder we go back to the late 1960s and early 70s hippies for inspiration every year this time around.

And so with the Sunburn and Weekenders officially underway, we see a serious need to keep ready a stack of outfit changes in mind to help us see through all the fun, minus the stress of repeating last year’s looks. Here’s a guide to knock it out of the ballpark while still staying uber comfy:




SelenaA no-brainer. Crochet has been around the festival scene for as long as Coachella has existed, no kidding. Wear them long or cropped, as maxi dresses or as capes, it’s the one thing that will never go out of style.11


















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Fringes are undoubtedly the next best thing after crochet when it comes to Boho chic. And extremely versatile too! Pair fringes with suede and you have a rugged feel, but when paired with prints and wispy silhouettes, the same become feminine.




















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Off shoulder


Don’t even get me started on how big a trend this is at the moment. And right in sync with the free-spirited Boho glamour. Off-the-shoulder styles are to be seen in all forms: cutouts, cold-shoulders and strapless.




















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What are music festivals if not the perfect excuse to show off that well-earned midriff? Cropped tops, besides being smokin’ hot, have one more important advantage: they compliment all the body jewelry just so much better.




















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When all else fails, prints save the day! Versatility is the other name for prints, and you can take your look from messy to sassy with just the change of a print. Tribal, psychedelic and kitschy prints are all in tandem with the Boho spirit.




















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So long!