We’ve officially stepped into the longest season of our country, fashion or otherwise, and since fashion can’t effectively exist without being functional, contemplation was effected into marrying the two together seamlessly. Because trends will come and go, but necessity… that stuff lingers long. A print here and a shade there won’t ever replace your need to be comfortable while you toil away at your workplace or run errands in the blistering heat of the Indian summer. And for an Indian fashion label, there’s no other purpose bigger than customizing our clothes specifically for our climate and subsequent needs.



The ‘Forest Nymph’ floral drawstring dress. SHOP NOW

The ‘Fatal Love’ floral mini dress. SHOP NOW


Our current collection aims at hands-on practicality but embodying summer charms. Changing up on the color palettes with the turn of each season is a delight we don’t want to deprive you of, and a price we aren’t willing to pay for functionality. Therefore, the clothes are all rendered bright and fun with the colors of summer. Spanning varied shades of yellow broken down with generous doses of florals in vibrant pinks and blues, so you have a familiar recipe of summer brights combined with summer prints. Because in our fashion-obsessed opinion, florals at this point, aren’t limited to being a trend anymore. They’re a summer ritual quite akin to a watermelon frappe on a beach vacation. Therefore, as they say, take your fill of florals while the season lasts.



The ‘Moon Dance’ floral maxi dress. SHOP NOW


With silhouettes too, we’re serving straight up, unpretentious summer fits, like breathable tunic and shirt dresses, and fluid maxi dresses. Because who has ever been able to resist the charms of a leisurely walk of the summer evening through a rose garden in a long, flowing dress? Oh wait, that’s a Shakespearean drama. But who’s to say you couldn’t recreate your own Midsummer story at, say, a coffee place instead of a mystical garden? The outfit after all, is ready and waiting in our shop!



The ‘Tulip Town’ lilac culottes. SHOP NOW


Summers are never quite right without jumpsuits and culottes as well, to match our ‘summer practical’ narrative. The reason a smart woman (or man, for all we know) fused a top and pants together at some point in history is because there is absolutely nothing that spells functional like a pair of jumpsuits (or their shorter cousins, culottes)— a ‘wear and go’ wonder that saves plenty of time but most importantly stays sleek through the day.


The ‘Aqua Chica Loca’ maroon jumpsuit. SHOP NOW

The ‘Teal Steal’ teal semi sheer top. SHOP NOW


Not everything needs to be done following a tried and tested method though, and Brand Sassy Stripes does love to spring a few surprises here and there. So expect unusual color pops and quirky prints that aren’t strictly classic summer trends, but that’s why classics are called so. Teals and reds make a strong presence among softer pastels and muted neutrals. Checks and stripes too feature in generous amounts, as they always do in our shop all through the year, because they have broken boundaries of seasonal trends and earned a place of year-round fashionabilty, and hence concrete functionality.

This collection is a respite in your busy schedules. We want you to breathe. And live.