Hello babes-who’re-mortified-with-all-the-Valentine’s-posts-on-social-media,

Join the club! Being single sucks on V-Day right? Wrong! So utterly wrong! You want that life-size teddy bear to hug to sleep? Get yourself one. Them delectable roses? Know what? The florist doesn’t discriminate. Just go buy yourself a bunch of them. You’ll be pleased to know they smell just as great. Being single is a choice you’ve made and you have to live with it, no matter what. Why not focus on the perks then?



Perk #1:









You don’t need to shave, wax or do your hair! How cool is that? You can lie on your bed all day in sweats, owning your hairy legs and messy hair and cramming your face with cheetos and no one’s gonna judge.


Perk #2:









Someone (God bless his soul) foresaw this catastrophe and made Netflix and chill for this very day. And as if that wasn’t enough, someone also invented binge-watching. Hello Harvey Specter!


Perk #3:









There’s a reason we call her a “bestie”. She’s literally the best thing that has ever happened to you. And the best person to hang out with on this day. (Unless of course she’s out on a date, in which case, Hello again, Harvey!)


Perk #4:










Spend your hard earned money on your own self for a change. Don’t cry over not getting gifts, witness and acknowledge the big bucks you save as a result of not buying anyone any gifts. So you gift yourself instead! Spa day? Imported chocolates? You got it!


Perk #5










You’re not alone in this. Join million others who’re just as single and gang up together to banter on the perks of being single, just like we’re doing right now, so join the conversation maybe?



And extra bucketload of love,