Because the music festival in India is closer than it appears to be!


It might be an annual affair, but Coachella is an event fashionistas around the world wait for, even if they’re not present there themselves. Reason: Fashion inspiration like no other! You have your favorite celebs kicking back in style and showing off their smokin’ bodies in styles crazy enough to be saved only for Coachella. Breezy, bohemian and all that jazz, yes, but so much variation within that narrow scope that it can only be called a fashion miracle.

Therefore, on cue, we list the outfits we feel we can draw inspiration from for nights out, days in and everything in between:

Kendall Jenner in exaggerated sleeves, Kylie in asymmetrical

The Jenner sisters have achieved a Coachella hall-of-fame status as far as festival fashion goes. This year too, they work the season’s most significant trend: the sleeves— Kendall in oversize ones and Kylie does the asymmetrical.

Wear Kendall’s look to: A movie with friends

Wear Kylie’s look to: A sassy party


Kate Bosworth and Kendall Jenner in wide-legged pants

Much as we love our figure-flattering skinnies, gotta admit, wide pants are the bomb for the sultry summers. Better still, if they’re in white or pastel shades. Like KB and KJ here. While Kate opts for a cleaner look, Kendall does the whole Western enchilada with the hat and the bling!

Wear Kate’s look to: A Sunday brunch

Wear Kendall’s look to: (Minus the hat) A pool party


Emma Roberts in gingham and off-shoulder

Not all Coachella fashion has to be fussy and fringy and beyond comprehension. Emma Roberts proves just that in her gingham dress that features cute li’l ruffled sleeve cuffs. And with a nice touch of lavender sandals.

Wear her look to: Pretty much anywhere!


Jamie Chung and Alessandra Ambrosio in denim shorts

Frayed denim shorts and cutesy crop tops, someone will always be seen in this combination every year. And why not, they’re the Coachella staples, whether roughed up with leather boots ala Alessandra or a daintier approach like Jamie’s.

Wear Jamie’s look to: A stroll on the beach

Wear Alessandra’s look to: A road trip with the gals


Chanel Iman in fringes


That face and that body! Aite moving on, Chanel Iman does the ultimate Boho girl in OTT fringes but somehow still manages to keep it clutter-free. Definitely one of the best look this year!

Wear this look to: Your next music festival. Duh!