(Without looking like a total knock off) (AND at a fraction of the cost)

Do you often catch yourself gaping at Deepika Padukone in a cutout swimsuit on the Vogue cover? Or maybe you simply can’t get enough of Priyanka Chopra on her several American TV appearances this year? Because boy the woman won’t stop slaying! And then do you dive into depression because you know their impeccable looks are a result of the (extremely expensive) expertise of top-of-the-line stylists and more expensive designer labels, and you have to spill millions of dollars that you don’t have, to even hope to look like them?

Well, it’s true.

But what’s also true is that the inspiration your favorite celeb offers is totally free of cost. Whether it’s DP’s super glam turnouts or Piggy Chops’ Baywatch sultriness, you can pick and choose your favorite style icon and channel their fashion aesthetic without having to copy each of their outfits. In fact, it’s even more fun this way because you still get to keep it original while paying homage to your icon. And need I point out to all the money you’ll save? But it’s not as easy done as said, is it? I mean, how often have we spotted people on the streets that have tried and failed miserably? Let’s not get into the numbers actually. Therefore, responsible as I feel for you darlings, I bring you a handy HOW-TO guide. Read on:

Favorite celeb or favorite look?

Are you head over heels in love with one beauty you would give up an arm and a leg to look like? Or do you find certain celebs impressing you at certain times? In other words, do you have favorite celeb or do you have certain favorite looks sported by them? Decide how much of an influence a particular icon has on you and to what extent you would like to follow their style. The looks you pick out largely depend on this decision made. The best example of the first case scenario are the human Barbies and Kens of the world. When one is hell-bent on looking as close to their favorite style icon as possible, you wouldn’t believe the drastic measures that can and have been taken. However, it is only healthy that you follow the second case scenario because your beloved Miss Sassy here can’t stress enough on the importance of keeping it real.

2Get grooming

Before you splurge on clothes, shoes and bags, pause and understand that what makes our glam girls look so glam has more to do with how the clothes look on them than how those clothes make them look. Because before the outfits go, the hours at the Pilates classes and the early morning green juices have happened. Getting into shape and getting rid of the zits don’t hurt nobody. Not just because it’s the most effective way to look great but also the healthiest.

3Identify a single style aesthetic

Every person, irrespective of how versatile they are required to dress, has a singular fashion sensibility that they abide by. Like when you think of Audrey Hepburn you immediately think classic, minimalistic girly fashion, whether it’s in her dainty dresses or her midi skirts. And Katharine Hepburn screams androgyny. Even when she wore dresses (rolled up sleeves, people).

Your favorite icon too lives by a fashion principle and it is this principle in fact, that lends individuality to clothes and transforms fashion to style. I’d say cultivate your own, but if you wish to closely follow your favorite, identify theirs and make it your own.



Spot the trends

By requirement alone, celebs wear the freshest of trends. Sometimes even before the designer publicly presents them. Privileges, sigh. Spot the trends your icon wears the most and find high street alternatives. Thanks to Style.com, the time difference between the fashion week showcasings of the season’s trends and the high street remodeling of the same, is greatly diminished. Which is why the cold shoulders appeared on store windows almost immediately after the 70s style was declared hot at the 2015 Spring Summer.


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The other great news are the pre-loved and rental stores that have taken the market by the storm. Previously owned clothing and accessories up for sale mean that you do not just settle for high street knock offs, you buy your own Chanels and Choos for a far lesser price. Or, renting them for a particular period of time is always an option.

With ever-increasing options like these, it’s easier than ever to channel your inner actor or supermodel. All that remains is a little bit of awareness and a whole lot of love for both fashion and the fashion sensibility of your subject of admiration. Dress away!