So, it’s just a couple more days to the biggest party night of the year and you’re so excited and you…wait, you still haven’t thought of what to wear. You rummage through your favorite section of your closet where you stack all your party dresses and turns out you’ve worn all of them. Worse, you aren’t exactly feeling very affluent at the moment to splurge on a new dress (thank you, demonetization!). Final nail in the coffin, your crush is going to be at the party and it’s officially going to be a face-off night between you and that sorority queen (*grunt*) who’s also a part-time model (*groan*).













First off, breathe.

You’re not alone in this, and together we shall rise from this catastrophe, won’t we? Here are some failsafe methods that let you be your own fairy godmother and create that fabulous party dress:

You’re allowed to repeat

Yes, you read that right. When short in cash, you need to be tall and proud in creativity. With just a change around in accessories, you’d be surprised how you can create a whole new outfit with the same dress. Below is an example of how a simple LBD can be spun around to create fabulous new looks each time.




















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Seek inspiration

Don’t be shy to blatantly lift off of tumblr and instagram. They’re there for a reason. And the reason is inspiration. Learn from the experts how to style yourself to stand out of the crowd. Educate yourself on cuts, color, silhouette and trends of the moment to stay ahead of the game even when short on resources.




















When in doubt, add sparkle

Sequins and glitter go hand in hand with party styling. If you’re totally clueless as to what to wear and not look out of place, always go for something that shines, be it a sequin tank top or embellished shoes or a full blown iridescent dress. And subsequently, you shine too. If sequins are too much for you, satin is a great alternative to get the gloss on. Bonus, satin is so hot right now!





































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Makeup saves the day

You’re never going to be flawless if you can’t draw more attention to your face than your dress. Prep yourself before with a deep-tissue facial and a good slathering of moisturizer. When working with makeup, always remember the base is the most important, so choose your foundation and concealer with care. Glossy metallic eyes are the hotcakes of the moment. Or go for grunge with dark berry lips and smoke on your eyes.





















Look for budget buys

A great outfit needn’t always be expensive. Don’t let price tags dishearten you. If you have followed point number 2 well, you can recreate your favorite looks on a more affordable budget. Keep track of discounts and offers by your favorite brands and avail of them. Below are some great budget buys that you pick up at an additional 20% discount if you pay with credit or debit cards or net banking (hello again, demonetization!)

Here are some great budget buys for your last-minute party shopping. You’re welcome!




















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