At some point during the process of planning, designing, crafting clothes and the ensuing chores pertaining to branding, marketing and administration, it’s hard to remember the initial excitement of seeing our vision come to life. It’s a forgiveable offence, perhaps, but is it really? At the centre of a brand and its glossy campaigns stands a simple concept: beautiful clothes that make anyone who graces them, beautiful. Is it alright to surrender this simple joy to the drudgery of everything that surrounds? Prints, patterns, colours, fabrics… these are the playthings of a grown woman, and yet how much fun can she have with them?



We got to thinking about this when working on our new collection. Reviving our sense of ecstasy over clothes when they turn out just as we had envisioned them… that’s got to be more than just a survival instinct. All the hours spent debating and deliberating on the perfect cuts and fits should yield more than just boxes full of outfits ready to be shipped off.


Because when they do get shipped off after all, an eager woman waits for them, her eyes shining with the excitement that only comes with everything that’s a “first”. The first look, first try, looking at yourself in the mirror for the first time. “Would this go better with my black heels, or the red ones?” “Should I wear it tonight or should I save it for Saturday?” “Damn, this looks so good on me, do I really have to gift it to my sister?”



The only reason we love being in this business more than anything else is probably that this is a never ending cycle of firsts. Because no matter how many outfits you try on before the mirror, there is always another one waiting for you on a rack or a webpage somewhere. Ready to drown in that feeling of ecstasy all over again. The perfect fit… “just love the way it curves around my hips” “ love that you can’t even see my belly in this!”, the perfect style, for an anticipated occasion where everything needs to be perfect, or maybe just to lounge around at home celebrating that there is no obligation to be anywhere else.



And as the next order comes in, and we tape the boxes to be sent off to flag off those first moments, we are reminded, most of all, at the inception of a new collection, that every time we set this ball rolling, it’s a first for us too.



Our new collection is on its way to be up on the website. We hope you’ll anticipate it as much as we do!