The shoulder is the only part of a woman’s body that doesn’t age.

Since most of my audience is filled with-in the bracket of 20s and 30s, dressing “age appropriately” presumably isn’t high on the list of concerns. But the point resonated. Taking it one step further, not only do our shoulders not age: They don’t make us feel fat. Our shoulders don’t get bloated after a pasta dinner or have “off days.” One doesn’t need to be high-waisted, beanpole thin or curvy to wear an off-the-shoulder shirt. It doesn’t discriminate. I wore one by Sassy Stripes on evenings out with my friends, when I seemed to have gained weight. Off-the-shoulder tops are forgiving yet sexy. It’s of little wonder, then, that they’ve had the staying power they’ve had. 

This amazing black number is from Sassy Stripes

Thigh high socks and Black boots by Forever 21

AMAZING photography by Akash Pande



sassy shoulders with sassystripes