Summer is in full swing and while we’re a tad bit put off by the sweltering heat (seriously, doesn’t winter happen for like exactly 10 days in our country?—if you can even call it winter, that is), let’s look at the brighter side instead. The excuse for a wardrobe change! And boy does it get reeely bright this year. From pop colors to quirky embellishments to lamé and sequins, this is one riot of sunshine! But lovers of minimalism, despair not, the whites and neutrals aren’t going anywhere either. On the other end of the spectrum, head-to-toe white rings loud and a key fashion statement this year is layering an oversize white shirt with a black hoodie or jumper.

Team Sassy has shortlisted their top favs of the season to give you a handy guide when out shopping:


Hello sunshine! When we said riot of colors, it wasn’t a casual remark. The king of pop colors is on the list of biggest summer trends and how! And there’s a wide range of shades to choose from, so you can feel at home with either warmer or cooler tones that best go with your skin tone (lemon or chartreuse for people with cooler undertones, ochres and ambers for those with ruddier undertones).


Sleeves have been one of the biggest statement-making parts of the garment since last season and it’s not changing anytime soon. But unlike last season’s bell-sleeves, slits along the sleeves seem to have taken centerstage this summer of ’17. And as long as we’re in the region, don’t rule out poofy bishop sleeves either.


















Just randomly pick any celeb of your liking. Or fashionista. Or their assistants. And you’ll know what we mean. Lamé has made it to everyone’s wardrobes already. And don’t you dismiss it for partywear either. Lamé is perfectly acceptable daywear as of this moment and this season. Just style it with something less obtrusive and let the fabric shine (get it? 😉


And speaking of partywear, oh hello truckloads of sequins! Bling is back with a bang and it’s blingier than ever and literally everywhere to be seen. Even on pajamas and track pants. Nah, we’re kidding. Haha you wish! We’re not! Ornate trackpants are testimony to the fresh silhouette sequins are being paired with and unlike two seasons back, it’s not about skimpy bodycons anymore, rather more relaxed silhouettes that effortlessly can go from day to night.


Because we love baring our shoulders so much (why else would we make deadlifts instead of cakes happen to our lives?), the off-shoulder and shoulder cutouts make it through at least one more year. But the symmetry is slightly off this time and the overall silhouette looks more like a deconstruction of a shirt than anything else, which we feel is incredibly cool.


Holy Moly! (In Chandler Bing’s voice) Could stripes BE any bigger? We’re almost sure this season is what will be recorded in history as the year stripes were THE fashion statement. And it’s hard to miss it too, with all the candy colors and the bold zig-zags of lines, none of your dainty monochrome stuff from previous seasons. Not that monochrome or pinstripes are out, because at the end of the day, it just has to be stripes, in some form or the other!


The other predominant color besides yellow this year is pink (did we hear a Hallelujah?). And in varied shades too. Think everything from blush to Barbie pinks, paired with tulle and satins too, nonetheless. This is one happy party for everyone who lives for mushy romance in their fashion. And no complaints there, sometimes girls need to pull out all stops and get downright girly!


There will always be a set of people who just cannot get on board with the candy colors and the jungle of prints. They need whites to save their lives! And white they get this season. And head-to-toe too! And it’s a perfect base for all the neutral trenchcoats or the sporty parka jackets that are making big statements. So go ahead, don’t be shy to get your white on.

















Shirtdresses are lifesavers y’all. Nothing that can be slipped on within a second has looked cooler or sassier. Run your errands in them or wear on a date, you’ll never be under or overdressed in a shirtdress if paired with the right shoes. And fashion recognizes this and rewards us with another full season of this trend (because trends can be tyrannical and fashion and be a bitch, when they make us let go of stuff we love).


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