Hi there pretties!

As big a fashion fanatic I might be, I admit one of the major downsides of fashion and trends is that they change so friggin’ fast! You barely get over your obsession over that fringed coat before it’s time to put it away for the new season. That’s so unfair. And the change of affairs manifests the best during the turn of seasons.

Seasons. The word that is so fused together with fashion and trends, that you can barely have one without the other. And at the transition point of every season comes the necessity of transition in your wardrobe too. And we are at a similar transition point right this moment. And yes, I’m aware that it is a hugely daunting task.

So how do you smoothly sail from one season to another? In between winter and summer comes spring. But what comes in between a trenchcoat-leather-leggings-knee-high-boots pairing and a floaty linen maxi? And more importantly, how do you make longer use of your winter clothes and take them into summer? Here’s a handy guide to take you through an effortless transition:

Pic 1

1. Light layering: While you must put away your furry peacoats, don’t ditch the lighter jackets and vests just yet. Wear them in bright colors and prints to suggest an onset of spring while still staying covered enough.

Pic 2

2. Darker colors: While you’ve been wearing browns and navies and blacks all through winter, it might be weird to switch to lighter pastels all of a sudden. To solve this problem, wear your single layers in darker colors, like a sheath dress at work in navy blue or aubergine, or a pant suit in pinstripe black. This will make your wardrobe transition from winter to summer less conspicuous.

Pic 3

3. Vests, capes, scarves: Sleeveless vests and swishy capes are great options for light layering too. The ones in tribal prints, especially, have major boho vibes which make them ideal for summer layering. Scarves too, do heavyduty balancing on the transitional front.

Pic 4

4. One summer element at a time: Including just one or at the most, two, summer elements in your look will stop it from screaming goodbye winter! Wear a dark red bodysuit inside a monochrome pantsuit, or a white shirt dress under a tailored blazer, and keep the look balanced.

Pic 5

5. Accessorize: Accessories are your safest bet to play around with elements from both winter and summer. So while your OOTD might be denims with a dark solid shirt and gray suede boots, you might consider adding a playful touch of a psychedelic print tote in rainbow hues. Mixing is the key.


All downsides aside, I believe the upside to in-between-season dressing is that this is the best time to experiment. You have the liberty to mix your heavy winter outerwear with slinky summer slip dresses and nobody is going to judge because hello, you’re just going through a phase that will pass! So have fun, ladies, while the season, or should I say, the transition, lasts.