Officially the holiday season is over, but I am sure you are already working on your next trip. The planning and packing for vacations can be tedious, but vacay-shopping can be exciting when there are so many trendy and stunning options available. Vacations are the perfect excuse to show off that chic and peppy wardrobe, and add that extra zing to our colorful Instagram and Facebook posts. There are however few things to consider, before you start splurging.



Don’t get overwhelmed by all the extra shopping you might have done in your zeal. First pack all the shorts, jeans, leggings, loose pants and basic tops in neutral shades that can be mixed and matched on any given day. Add some comfortable shoes and sandals.


Wonders and Whims white beaded topShape of You black dot print slit midi skirt



Don’t forget to pack casual dresses – long ones and short ones. Dresses are light, comfortable and super easy to wear. They are feminine and eye catching. If you are heading for a warm or a beach location, nothing can beat a stylish vacation dress. Pack couple of formal attires for that fancy dinner. 

Checks High Low Jacket Along With A Slip DressRipe Stripes Blue and white striped midi dress


A short dress and a floor length one would be ideal. Add a versatile pair of classic heels that can add spark to your formal dresses.



Want variety? Pack couple of Jumpsuits that are as easy and stylish as dresses. They will be useful additions when the day is extra breezy and you still want to flaunt your figure.

Butterfly Effect Green One Shoulder Jumpsuit








One thing which your vacation outfits need is versatility and comfort.  Don’t fall into the trap of over packing, as nothing can hinder your mobility more than heavy luggage.

Straight Fit Jumpsuit With A Printed JacketWinter Is Coming Black and Red Midi Length Shrug


The best way to be prepared for everything on your holiday, is to go for clothes that can be layered. It helps you to deal with all types of weather and keep the bags manageable and light.



A vacation is a perfect excuse to wear neon, bright hues. Try juicy shades like turquoise, yellow, purple, orange to get those insta-worthy pics. Stripes and Polka Dots also provide that extra spice and glamour to your wardrobe.


Fine Print red base floral Bardot topPastel Chalk Board Striped Shirt Dress
















Don’t go overboard and pack things just because they look good on you. Travelers need attires that are durable and don’t wrinkle and stain easily. We don’t want to be bothered about clothes while we are enjoying those whimsical moments. If the weather is warm, nothing can beat linen and cotton clothing to keep you cool in the weathering heat.

Straight Fit Dress With Drop Waist, And A Flouncy HemlineLooking stylish boosts your confidence and makes you happy, but don’t worry unnecessarily about it. Remember your vacation is not about dressing up or IG posts It is about the fun you are going to have on your trip and the memories you will make which will last forever.